Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In math, we will focus on our multiplication facts...specifically the 6s,7s,8s, & 9s. Your child will focus on one set at a time. A few students have mastered all facts required for third grade and will move on to 11s, 12s, and division. There are links to practice games and quizzes on my blog. Please check them out! Click on the "math practice" page at the top of the blog.

In reading, we will continue working on comparing and contrasting stories written by Patricia Polacco. Mrs. Levi and I have been so impressed with how well the students did with identifying different themes in Polacco's books. As we work more on comparing and contrasting, we will use the following words to help us describe the similarities and differences:

In science, we are beginning our unit on Georgia Habitats. Please see the links on my blog called, "Habitats" for all kinds of information and games. We will learn about the mountains, piedmont, coastal plains, marsh/swamp, and ocean habitats.

In language arts, we will focus on adverbs and use them to make our writing more interesting and engaging. We will also work on writing an informational piece. We will use our sense to help us be more descriptive as we write.

We will have our spelling test on Friday. And we will be working hard on our math facts throughout the week with quizzes 2 or 3 times. We are working toward our ice cream party...the more facts you learn, the more toppings you earn! Please encourage your child to practice!

As always, let Mrs. Levi or me know if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to help!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Update

Hello Third Grade Families,

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In math, we will finish up our unit on fractions. Your child should be able to identify fractions as well as locate fractions on a number line, compare fractions, and find equivalent fractions. We will be using visuals to help us with comparing fractions and equivalent fractions. Click below for some practice with these skills:

Fractions on a Number Line

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions

In reading, we will be learning how to compare and contrast texts. We will introduce the terms similarities and differences as we work on this skill. We will compare the themes in various Patricia Polacco stories. Here's a video about comparing and contrasting:

Compare & Contrast

We are finishing our government unit during social studies. We will have a test on Thursday. Your child should be able to identify the 3 branches (executive, legislative, & judicial) and 3 levels (national, state, & local) as well as the responsibilities of each branch. Check your child's folder for a test study guide.

In language arts, we will be learning all about adjectives. We will learn about comparative & superlative adjectives.

We will have a visit from our school counselor this week.

On Friday, we will have a special puppet show to kick-off our new science unit which we are beginning next week. Ask your child about the Brooke & Branch Puppet Show!

Chick Fil-A night is this Thursday!

Don't forget Penny Wars are going on until this Friday. Please support our Addison Foundation!

Please let Mrs. Levi or me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Update

Hello Third Grade Families,

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In math, we are continuing our work with fractions. We will focus on equivalent fractions this week. We can't wait to see everyone's completed projects on Friday. Don't forget to include 2 word problems for your friends in class to solve. If you're finished with the project before Friday, you may bring it in early. Remember, there are several fraction games on our blog for some fun fraction practice. Class Blog

In reading, we are continuing to look at different points of view in texts. We will be comparing our own point of view with the author's as well. We are using the book, Wonder to help us with this skill. We will have an assessment on Friday on point of view.

In social studies, we are studying the three branches of government. Ask your child about the responsibilities of each branch.

In writing and language arts, we will be learning more about commas. We will continue to use commas in dialogue. We will also learn about the importance of commas in a direct address. For example,

We will have a short quiz on the correct usage of commas in dialogue and direct address on Friday.

We will also work on a narrative writing in which students will be asked to write the conclusion of a story.

We will visit the science lab on Thursday for some fun and learning with Mrs. Knobbe!

We will be back to normal with homework this week. Third graders should be completing 1 spelling activity each school night and be ready for a spelling quiz on Friday. They should also complete 1 box from the reading log each school night, as well as the reading fluency passage assignment, which includes comprehension questions. The reading fluency passage can count toward the 20 minutes of nightly reading. We will also have a short math assignment each night.

As always, please let me or Mrs. Levi know if you have questions or concerns about anything.

Have a great week!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Update

Hello Third Grade Families!

I hope everyone had fun in the snow & ice this weekend! I enjoyed sledding on my street with my family.

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In math, we will be learning all about fractions. I hope everyone has started planning for their fraction pizza project. Please let me know if you need construction paper to help with the project. Your child can also bring home scissors, glue, crayons and markers, if necessary. Just let me know what you need! The project is due Tuesday, January 17th. Also, I have a page on our blog called "fraction games". We will use some of these in class, but you are also free to explore these at home for some fraction fun! Class Blog

In reading, we will begin a new read-aloud called, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This is a wonderful novel about a 10-year-old boy named August. The book is written from several different character's perspectives which will help us as we tackle the new reading skill of point of view. We will work on this skill for a few weeks.

In writing, we will practice writing our own point of view based on some of what we've read in the book Wonder and some other topics. We will also work on correctly using quotations and commas in dialogue. This can be tricky, so I encourage you to ask your child about where the commas and quotations go when writing dialogue.

In social studies, we will continue learning about the responsibilities of our three branches of government. We will do a few plays this week about our government to help us learn about the different people and positions involved in each branch of government.

We will have a visit from our school counselor on Tuesday morning.

We will have a special in-house field trip with a real Cobb County judge on Wednesday morning! The judge will talk to us about the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch of our government.

We will attend the school spelling bee on Friday morning. The spelling bee is open to 4th and 5th graders.

There is NO SCHOOL next Monday, January 16th as we remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let's have a great week!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weekly Update...Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a GREAT break! I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow morning!

Here are some important things to know for this week:

We will not have spelling or reading logs this week. We will have math homework Thursday night. Please make sure your child gets back into a routine of reading nightly for 20 minutes.

Coming home tomorrow, you will receive a green form regarding your child’s transportation in case of inclement weather resulting in a shorter school day. PLEASE, PLEASE return these by Friday as there is a chance of ice/snow on Friday. Your child will receive extra dojo points for returning the form on Friday.

There is an additional green form coming home about a school climate survey that your child will be taking here at school.

As we come back to school after our break, we will review our school & class rules and routines. We will also talk about goals for the new year and compare our goals that we made in October (at conferences) with our progress in December.

We will begin a new math unit on fractions which will continue for about 4 weeks. Your child will be bringing home a pizza box (graciously donated from Papa Johns) and directions for a pizza fraction project which is due on Tuesday, January 17th. Here are some sample projects to give you some ideas.

I can't wait to see how these projects turn out!

In social studies, we will be reviewing the 3 branches of government and learning more about the responsibilities of each branch.

We will also be writing about a special hero in our lives this week. These writings will be entered into a competition sponsored by the East Cobb County Council.