Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,
Here's a look at our learning this week:
In math, we will be working on solving addition and subtraction word problems. We will start with 1-step problems, and then move on to 2-step problems. Math homework will not be from the textbook this week. Your child will be writing "homework" at the top of  the assigned homework page to avoid confusion. We will use a strategy called "CUBES" to help us with word problems. C-Circle the numbers, U-Underline the question, B-Box the important math words, E-Evaluate (what steps should I take?), S-Solve & Check
Here's a helpful video:

In reading, we will work on asking and answering questions about the texts that we read. We will model this with Charlotte's Web and the students will practice with their own books too. I encourage you to try this at home too with the books your child is reading.

In science, we will finish up our rocks and minerals unit. Students should know the difference between a rock and a mineral and also know the different properties of minerals.

In writing, we will finish up our persuasive writing unit. We are just about finished with our longer piece. And we will do a few quick-writes this week as we practice a little more opinion writing. Here's a video that helps with organizing opinion paragraphs.

We will also continue learning about the many uses of pronouns. Ask your child about pronouns.

We will visit the science lab this week! 

We will also have our first visit with our first grade buddies.  Each 3rd grader will have a 1st grade buddy. This is a big deal because up until this year, your child has always been the younger buddy. But this year, we're the older buddies! We will talk about how we can be leaders for the younger students. We will be meeting on Friday afternoon. Ask your child who his/her new buddy is!

As always, please let me or Mrs. Levi know if you have any questions or concerns.

Let's have a GREAT week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Please Join Our Addison Foundation!

Hello Families,

If you have not already joined or donated to our school foundation, please consider it! Our foundation does so much for our school, especially funding our amazing science lab.

The Foundation Funding Drive is running through September 9.  This is the Foundation's largest fundraiser for the year to help continue to keep our Science Lab going as well as provide other enrichment for the students and resources for Addison. The new digital marquee out front is a gift from Foundation, as well as $15,000 worth of new iPads this year for the classrooms!  The top two classes participating in the Drive in each grade level will receive an additional iPad, too!!  A percentage of the funds raised also comes directly into our classroom.

When we hit $20,000, Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen will spend some time up on the roof for all to see!!!
When we hit $25,000, they will KISS A PIG!!
When we hit $30,000, the kids will get to tape Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen to the WALL. 

Please support us in this effort! Visit for details on Foundation and the Funding Drive

Thank you for you support!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

We are moving right along in 3rd grade and having so much fun! Here's a look at our learning this week:

In math, we will move on to subtraction with regrouping. This is often a very tricky skill, especially when zeros are involved. We will be working on subtracting two and three digit numbers between 1 and 1000 ( For example, 457-289 or 306-129). Here are a couple videos we will be watching this week to help us with subtraction:

In reading, we will begin a new unit on character traits. We will be using  one of my childhood favorites to help us with this...Charlotte's Web! When we begin describing characters, we will learn that it's not just the outside of the character that is important, but the inside too! We will use the acronym FAST to help us. F for feelings, A for actions, S for sayings, and T for traits.

We will continue with our rocks and minerals unit in science this week. We will learn how scientists describe the properties of minerals and we will learn about the 3 types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Here's a video about the 3 types of rocks:

And in writing, we will finish our opinion piece. We will talk about editing, including spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as we put our finishing touches on our work.

We will have a visit from our school counselor on Thursday.

As always, please let Mrs. Kloos or Mrs. Levi know if you have any questions or concerns. or

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 3 Update

Hello Families,
I hope everyone had a good weekend. We've been enjoying the olympics at my house!

Here's a look at our learning this week:
In math, we will review what we've learned about rounding and estimating. Then we will work on adding larger numbers that may require regrouping. Third graders should be able to add numbers together between 1-1000, like 25+39 or 369+537.
In writing, we will continue working on our persuasive writing. We filled out a graphic organizer to help us get our thoughts together, and now we're ready to begin drafting a 5 paragraph paper! We will also work on irregular nouns - especially the spelling of irregular plural nouns.
Here's a game to practice identifying nouns and verbs.
In reading, we will continue to work on using context clues to help us with unknown words.
We will finish up our Greece unit and begin work with Rocks and Minerals! By the end of the week, your child should be able to tell you the difference between a rock and a mineral AND be able to tell you how scientists identify different minerals.

This Thursday, we will have our first visit to the science lab with Mrs. Knobbe!

I'm looking forward to a great week. We're so glad to have Mrs. Levi back! Ask your child how awesome she is!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns

Also, please remember to write down any transportation changes. Thank you for your help with this!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today, we began learning about rounding and estimating. Here's a video that we watched to help. You might want to watch it before homework tonight:
We Will Round You

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 1 was GREAT!

We survived our first week! I am enjoying working with your kiddos so much!

Here's a look at our learning this week:
Math - We will review what we know about place value and learn about rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.
Reading - We will learn how we can use context clues to help us understand new words.
Social Studies - We will learn about latitude and longitude lines. We will also learn about the influence of Greece on the United States.
Language Arts - We will learn about writing a great opinion piece. We will also learn about different types of nouns.

We will also have a visit from our school counselor this Thursday. Mrs. Weston will do lessons with our class every other Thursday. On Friday, we will visit the Lightbulb Lab with Mrs. Bahr. Here, Mrs. Bahr will help us explore our creative sides! We will be taking 2 computer-based assessments this week called the Reading Inventory and the Math Inventory. These scores will give us a starting point for your stress...They're just pre-tests =)

We will have homework this week! A reading log will go home on Monday. Your child should be reading 20 minutes each night and then completing a short response on the reading log. Four of the five boxes should be completed and turned in by Friday. Spelling notebooks will also go home on Monday to be turned in Friday. Directions for spelling homework choices are in the notebook. Check your child's Gator Notebook each night for a math sheet which should be turned in the next day. Homework should not be stressful for your child. Please let me know if any issues come up with homework and we will work something out!

Please plan on attending OPEN HOUSE this Thursday night at 6:00pm. We will begin in the cafeteria for introductions and then classrooms will open at 6:30. (Younger grades have earlier start times.)

As always, please feel free to email any questions or concerns to me at

Don't forget to check our classdojo page for pictures. If you need your login info, let me know!

See ya Thursday!