Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hello Third Grade Families,
I hope everyone had a relaxing Fall Break! I definitely did!

We have a busy week ahead of us in 3rd grade:

First and third grade will take part in COGAT testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please make sure your child is well-rested and eats a good breakfast. Also, please make sure your child arrives by 7:45. Earlier than that is even better! The testing is short each morning, only about 30 minutes, so our days will be pretty normal.

If your child returned the permission form to participate in the Student Lighthouse Team (SLT) election, he or she may bring a poster to put up in our classroom this week. He or she can also prepare a speech to present to the class this week and then we will be voting for our class representative on Friday.

A lot of learning will be going on this week too! In social studies, we will be learning all about our government. We will learn about the 3 branches (legislative, executive, judicial) as well as the 3 levels (local, state, national) of government. These are tricky topics (for adults too!) so I encourage you to ask your child about what we learn each day to keep the ideas fresh in their minds. In writing, we will continue creating narrative stories. In math we will continue with understanding the concept of division as it relates to multiplication. And in reading, we will be working on understanding cause and effect.

Upcoming Dates:
COGAT Assessment – Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 1
IOWA Assessment – Oct. 5,6,7,8
Garden Work Day – Oct. 10
Fall Festival – Oct. 16
Conference Week – Oct. 19 - 23

As always, please email me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Highlights from the week

In social studies, we learned about latitude and longitude lines, including the equator and the prime meridian. Here's a little song we learned to help us remember:

We also began learning about Ancient Greece. We will continue with this next week as we learn how Greece has influenced the United States. 

In writing, we will continue working on narrative stories. This week we wrote about a real event that has happened to us. Next week, we will work more on imaginative stories. 

In math, we will begin learning about division! We are not done with multiplication though. We will be going back and forth between division and multiplication for the next several weeks to help us see the relationship between the two. 

In reading, we will work on summarizing. This is an important skill that your child will need for the rest of his or her schooling. We will use Charlotte's Web to help us learn about summarizing. And then on Friday, we will be watching Charlotte's Web while we eat lunch in the classroom as a special treat.

Don't forget: Picture Day is Tuesday, Sept. 15. This picture will be used in the yearbook so smile pretty =)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Weeks of School Already!

Hello Everyone!
I can't believe we've already been in school for 5 weeks! This week was full of learning excitement. Here are a few photos from our adventures:

We read about fossils and highlighted important facts that tell how fossils are formed.

We tested our paleontology skills when we tried to identify imprints.

We typed some of our opinion papers.

We made human arrays and learned about the commutative property of multiplication. Ask your child to tell you about it!


And we ate lunch in the classroom as a reward for receiving so many compliments!

It was a great week! Next week, we will begin learning about maps, specifically latitude and longitude. And then we will begin our unit on Greece! In writing, we will begin learning what a 3rd grade narrative story should look like. In math, we will continue our work with multiplication and arrays. We will use what we learned last week as we try out some multiplication story problems. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks and have a fun weekend. GO DAWGS!!! See ya Tuesday!