Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Third Grade Families!

Here are some important upcoming dates:

·       Friday, April 27th – Please have your child wear their green Leader in Me shirt on Friday!
·       Friday, May 11th – 5th Grade Field Day
·       Monday, May 14th – K – 4th Field Day 
·       Monday, May 21st – Awards Ceremony
·       Tuesday, May 22nd – Early Release Day 12:15 Dismissal

·       Wednesday, May 23rd – Early Release Day 12:15 Dismissal - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In science, we are continuing our unit on heat. We have conducted a few experiments already where we saw thermal energy in action! We will continue with more experiments this week about conductors & insulators. We will also attempt to make our own solar ovens and cook some smores! 

In reading, we will continue with the novel, Peter Pan. The students are really enjoying this story! Ask your child who their favorite character from the book is so far.

In math, we will be reviewing elapsed time. This is a tricky concept. I encourage you to practice with your child at home using real-life situations. For example, if your dance class starts at 4:15 and ends at 5:00, how long is the class? Or the new Avengers movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes long. If it starts at 3:10, what time will it end?

In writing, we will be studying different fairy tales and then writing our own fairy tales! We have such a creative bunch in our class. I can't wait to see how these turn out!

We will also visit the Science Lab and the Lightbulb Lab this week.


There will be no spelling or math homework this week! We will be sending home information about a required book report which will be your child's homework for the next few weeks. To prepare for the book report, please help your child select a book that he or she has not yet read. It should be a chapter book that can be finished in about 2 weeks when reading for 20 minutes each night. The book will need to be "approved" by us and we can certainly help your child choose a book at school if he or she is having trouble. More information will be coming soon!

Progress Reports will come home this Thursday. If your child is at risk of receiving a 1 on the report card, you will receive a progress report.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Milestone testing is almost complete! We have 2 math days left on Monday and Tuesday morning. Please continue to help your child by getting them to bed on time, making sure they eat a healthy breakfast, and getting to school on time. Thank you so much for your help with this!

There will be no homework this week!

Scholastic book orders are due this Friday. You may order online at Our class code is P2Y3C.

Here's a look at our learning this week (when testing is over):

In science, we will begin a brand new unit on HEAT! We will do some fun experiments and practice using thermometers.

In reading, we will begin reading the novel, Peter Pan. We will use this book for the next few weeks as we review several reading comprehension skills.

In writing, we will work on writing Fairy Tales.

In math, we will combine art and fractions as we create some “picture pies” and review what we’ve learned about fractions this year. I can’t wait to see these creations!

We will also have a visit from WellStar on Friday. They will talk with us about being “Wheel Wise” and how to stay safe on bikes, scooters, and other things with wheels.

This Friday, we will also celebrate Earth Day! We will talk about how to protect our Earth.

As always, please let me or Mrs. Keith know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great Spring Break! I can’t believe we just have a few more weeks left until the end of 3rd grade! Please read these important updates:

  •       Milestone Testing begins this week for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade!
  •        Third grade will complete ELA (Reading & Writing) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning of this week.
  •        Math for third grade will be on Monday and Tuesday morning of next week.
  •        It is very important that your child arrives at school on time, or even early, and has a healthy breakfast during testing. (Students are tardy after 7:45.) Please get your child to bed on time each night this week and next as well.
  •        There will be NO HOMEWORK this week!
  •        Please return the Spring Break reading challenge sheets by this Wednesday, April 11th.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything, please let me or Mrs. Keith know.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Please read this important information about our week.

  • ·       We will have our Ice Cream Multiplication party this Friday. We need your help gathering donations. Please click on this sign-up genius to see what is needed. Thank you! If your child has still not mastered all facts, we will continue to take quizzes this week.
  • ·       Our 3rd grade play is this Thursday. Your child will be performing for the school during the day and for parents at night. If you ordered a shirt for the play, your child will receive it on the morning of the play and will change into at school. If you did not order a shirt, please have your child wear a red, white, or blue shirt. Please have your child wear blue jeans. On Thursday night, your child should report to our classroom at 5:30. The PTA/Foundation meeting and play will begin at 6:00 in the cafeteria.
  • ·       There is NO SCHOOL next week (April 2-6) for Spring Break! Please continue to read every day! If you’re looking for more Milestone Practice, please check out this link:
  • ·       Milestone testing will begin on Tuesday, April 10th. We will be testing the mornings of April 10th, 11th, & 12th(writing & reading). And then we will resume testing on April 16th & 17th(math). It is very important for your child to get a full night of sleep and eat a good breakfast during these days. Thank you for your help with this! If you have any questions about testing, please let me know.

Here’s a look at our learning this week:

In social studies, we will continue working on our business plans. In small groups, the students are deciding on what product they would sell, determining a price, and thinking about what resources will be needed to make their product. Ask your child about his or her product.

In reading, we will be reviewing our comprehension skills with some fun games. We will also be looking a little at poetry and seeing how we can apply our comprehension skills to poems too.

In math, we will continue working on telling time. Your child should be able to tell time to the minute. We will also work on understanding elapsed time. Try to find real life situations in your child’s life where this can apply. For example, if swimming starts at 4:30 and ends at 5:15, how long is swimming? Movie start and end times are great for elapsed time practice as well.

In writing, we will be reviewing what we’ve learned about opinion and narrative writing with some fun writing prompts.

We will also visit the science lab this week for some fun with Mrs. Knobbe!

We’re looking forward to a great week!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend!

Important Dates:
·       Thursday, March 22nd – Report Cards Go Home - please sign and return the white envelope ASAP
·       Saturday, March 24th – Gator Gallop – Rain or Shine
·       Monday, March 26th Thursday, March 29th – Spring Book Fair
·       Wednesday, March 28th – Bruster’s Night
·       Thursday, March 29th – Third Grade Play and PTA/Foundation Meeting
·       Friday, March 30th – FBI Breakfast

·       Friday, March 30th – Multiplication Ice Cream Party - Keep practicing those facts!

Here's a look at our learning this week:

In social studies, we will continue with our economics unit. This week will focus on understanding producers and consumers. We will learn how producers and consumers and interdependent. We will also be working on an economics project. In pairs, students will come up with a business plan in which they will decide on a product, decide who their main consumer would be, plan what resources they would need to create and sell their product, and decide on a price for their product. They will not actually be making the product, so don't panic if they come home saying they're business plan is for a flying car =)

In reading, we will be working on answering constructed response comprehension questions using complete sentences. We will learn that a great strategy for this is to use words from the question to start your answer. For example, if the question is "Why did Goldilocks go into the Bears' home?" the answer could be, "Goldilocks went into the Bears' home because..."

In math, we will continue working on understanding attributes of quadrilaterals. We will learn that some quadrilaterals can share attributes.

We will also being learning about telling time to the minute. This is often a hard skill. Check in with your child and see how they're doing. Throughout the next few weeks, if they ask what time it is, have them use an analog watch to figure out the time. There are also some games on our blog for practice here.

In writing, we will continue writing an informational piece based on two short passages on a similar topic. We will work on starting with an opening, including facts from the passages in the middle, and adding a closing at the end.

As always, let me or Mrs. Keith know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Here's a look at our learning this week:

We will be wrapping up our Social Studies unit on the 13 Colonies this week. We will review what we've learned and take an assessment. Then we will move on to our next unit...economics! We will learn about the types of productive resources and the difference between goods and services.

In math, we will be finishing our work with 2-step word problems and then move on to geometry. Some important new math words to know are quadrilateral, parallel, and right angle.

In reading, we will be working on writing a short summary of what we read. We will use a strategy called Somebody Wanted But So Then to help write our summaries. 

In writing, we will be working on writing an informational piece. We will read 2 short passages on a similar topic and then use information from both passages to write an informative essay which teaches or explains. 

***Don't forget that this Wednesday is an EARLY RELEASE DAY! Dismissal will begin at 12:20. Please be sure your child knows how he or she is going home that day and if there is a change in their regular transportation, please send in a note.

This Thursday is International Night at Addison. Stop in between 6:00-7:30 to see how many cultures we have represented at our school. I always love trying the food!

As always, please let me or Mrs. Keith know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Here are some reminders for this week:

  • This Tuesday is Papa John's Pizza night. Check your child's folder later in the week for more info.
  • This Wednesday is Walk to School Wednesday!
  • This Friday is Colonial Day for 3rd grade! We are excited to complete several Colonial activities throughout the day. We are encouraging all 3rd graders to dress like Colonial children on Friday. Please don't feel like you need to spend a lot of money on this. It's just for fun!

Gator Gallop Update!
  • Join us for the 4th Annual Gator Gallop 5K & Fun Runs on Saturday March 24, 2018. Early registration has been extended! EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS FRIDAY MARCH 9th. Register online by Friday the 9th to be guaranteed a race shirt! Races are open to all students, friends, family and community members. This event benefits the AESF Science Lab. Visit for more information and registration. 

Here's a look at our learning this week:

We have an exciting opportunity to visit the Learning Commons each day during our social studies time to participate in some activities that will enhance our unit on the Thirteen Colonies. Be sure to ask your child what he or she did each day!

In reading, we will continue our work with understanding literal and non-literal language. This week we will focus on similes and metaphors. As your child reads at home, ask them if they can find any similes, metaphors, idioms, or hyperbole. We were impressed this week as students started pointing them out in their own books! 

In math, we will work on solving word problems. We will focus on 2-step word problems that require addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. This is a hard skill to grasp, but we have some great activities planned to help your child through it! We will revisit the CUBES strategy and also practice reading the problem slowly, one sentence at a time. This way we can focus on figuring out what we already know vs. what we need to find out. We will also practice explaining in words and sentences how we found our answers.

In writing, we will continue to work on Narrative writing. We will practice writing the ending to various stories this week. We will use the checklist below as our guide to help us write our stories. We will continue to work on using commas and quotation marks appropriately when using dialogue. 

It's going to be a GREAT week! As always, please let me or Mrs. Keith know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!